Athletes World

Our customers drive our business in every way. As the leading provider of footwear and apparel in athletic and urban fashion brands in Canada, Athletes World strives to have something for everyone. The focus is on excellence in service, product, and style. The fusion of performance and fashion, from the court, to the track, to the street.

In over 54 stores across the country, Athletes World brings you the most current and relevant styles of the highest quality. With our footwear, apparel and accessories, Athletes World lives on the leading edge of performance technology and fashion trends.

Our offering of prestige name brands like Nike, Puma and adidas is complemented by a large assortment of high quality private label brands. From basic tees and sandals to yoga pants and cross-trainers, high-tech running clothes and shoes, swim suits and flip flops to winter jackets and boots, Athletes World dresses Canada year round, from head to toe.

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