FGL Sports Profile

Company Officers

Executive Officers

Chad McKinnon Chief Operating Officer
Gregory Craig Chief Financial Officer
Melody Appelman Vice-President, Human Resources
Richard Burnet, CA Senior Vice-President, Finance
Duncan Fulton Senior Vice-President, Communications and Chief Marketing Officer
Keith Lambert Senior Vice-President, Supply Chain & Merchandise Management
Tom Sampson Senior Vice-President Intersport North America and FGL Sports Wholesale
Jean-Stéphane Tremblay Executive Vice-President, Franchise

Corporate Officers

Ron Bowerman Vice-President, Purchasing Softgoods
Mona Carriére Vice-President, Purchasing and Marketing Franchise
Stephen Clements Vice-President, Operations - National Sports
Terry Garner Vice-President, Logistics
Frederick Lecoq Vice-President, Digital and Marketing
Troy Lemens Vice-President, Purchasing
Terry Lorenz Vice-President, Purchasing Hardgoods
Paul Reid Vice-President, Store Operations, Sport Chek & Atmosphere
Eric Watt Vice-President, Purchasing Footwear